RoHS (Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances) is an EU Directive that will restrict the use of 6 hazardous materials in the manufacture of electronic & electrical equipment
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Direktiivi tuli voimaan 1.7.2006.

RoHS is having a fundamental impact on the electronics industry.

Legally it applies within the EU only, however RoHS is fast becoming a world-wide 'standard' due to the global nature of the this industry.

Similar environmental legislation is also being considered in a number of countries outside the EU.

RoHS is not solely a technical manufacturing problem. It has major implications for other aspects of business including:
  • product design
  • customer and supplier relations
  • logistics and supply chain management
RS fully supports all of the environmental objectives of this Directive.

As a market leading company we are working closely with our business partners to ensure compliance and support for you.
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