Air Curtains

Air Curtain is a device designed to be mounted above or on the side of the door covering the full entrance width. Curtains provide an invisible air barrier that separates the internal and external environment and stops cooled air escaping in a summertime or heated in a winter. Using Air Curtains is the most convenient and comfortable way of separating different temperature zones without interrupting people traffic.

How do air curtains work?

Air curtains produce fast-moving airflow that blocks air movement through the building entrance. By stopping the air movement, curtains reduce heat loss, seal the building from the environment and saves an energy. It is very important to fit the width of a device and a doorway as incorrectly installed barriers may produce a too weak air stream to stop air movement.

What are the benefits of using air curtains?

  • Energy cost savings

  • Pest and insect control

  • Barrier against pollution, airborne dust or odour

  • Barrier against fire smoke

  • Allow doors to remain open, reducing the risk of collisions and increases visibility as isn't an obstructed view

  • Open doors are an invitation for customers

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Osan tiedot Merkki Stock Maximum Output Power Air Flow Series
Dimplex AC Series Air Curtain, 3kW Dimplex 82 3kW - AC
Dimplex AC Series Air Curtain, 4.5kW Dimplex 9 4.5kW - AC
Atlantic Ridair 600 Series Air Curtain 400m³/h, 2.5kW Atlantic 0 2.5kW 400m³/h Ridair 600
Atlantic Ridair 600 Series Air Curtain 600m³/h, 3.2kW Atlantic 0 3.2kW 600m³/h Ridair 600
Fan assisted hot air curtain,3kW 2.25m H
  • RS-tuotekoodi 178-529
  • Merkki Redring
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 50813908
Redring 0 3kW 150cfm -
Redring Heating Air Curtain 150cfm, 4.5kW
  • RS-tuotekoodi 178-535
  • Merkki Redring
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 50813909
Redring 0 4.5kW 150cfm -
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