Bench & Hand Vices

Bench and Hand Vices are mechanical tools designed to clamp or retain a workpiece allowing work to be securely performed on it. Vices are commonly used as portable or anchored tools in workshops of all sorts by professionals such as electricians, plumbers, pipefitters carpenters, car mechanics, engineers and serious DIY enthusiasts.

How wide vice's jaws open?
The distance between the jaws can be adjusted and various for each vice. Large Professional Bench Vices cast from an iron can work with large and heavy objects while smaller portable clamp vices are ideal for all light-duty and medium-duty workshops applications.

Are vices good for woodworking?
Workshops Bench Vices are ideal for woodworking, metalworking or any other professional applications. Vices allow for comfortable drilling, wood crafting, welding, threading etc. Some Vices feature unique systems such as Quick Release Mechanism or Swivel base. Features like these benefit when it comes to repetitive and fast jobs.

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Osan tiedot Merkki Stock Type Jaw Width Jaw Opening Jaw Depth Mounting Weight
RS PRO Bench Vice 101.6mm x 100mm, 5.8kg RS Pro 133 Bench Vice 101.6mm 100mm - Bolts 5.8kg
RS PRO Bench Vice, 762g RS Pro 93 Bench Vice - - - Clamp 762g
RS PRO Bench Vice x 75mm 152.39mm x 100mm, 14kg RS Pro 91 Bench Vice 152.39mm 100mm 75mm Bolts 14kg
RS PRO Bench Vice x 30mm 65mm x 60mm, 2.1kg RS Pro 82 Bench Vice 65mm 60mm 30mm Clamp 2.1kg
RS PRO Bench Vice 152.39mm x 100mm, 23.6kg RS Pro 78 Bench Vice 152.39mm 100mm - Bolts 23.6kg
RS PRO Drill Press Vice x 32.5mm 100mm x 100mm, 5.4kg RS Pro 55 Drill Press Vice 100mm 100mm 32.5mm Screw 5.4kg
RS PRO Milling Vice x 39mm 102mm x 94mm, 10kg RS Pro 50 Milling Vice 102mm 94mm 39mm Bolts 10kg
RS PRO Drill Vice x 32.5mm 125mm x 125mm, 7.9kg RS Pro 48 Drill Vice 125mm 125mm 32.5mm Screw 7.9kg
Stanley Bench Vice x 105mm x 150mm, 15kg
  • RS-tuotekoodi 511-913
  • Merkki Stanley
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 1-83-068
Stanley 48 Bench Vice - 150mm 105mm Bolts 15kg
Stanley Quick Close Vice x 80mm x 110mm, 1.2kg Stanley 47 Quick Close Vice - 110mm 80mm Clamp 1.2kg
Cast iron drill vice,148x128mm base area RS Pro 46 Machine Vice 83mm 60mm - Bolts 3.5kg
RS PRO Bench Vice 101.6mm x 100mm, 6.5kg RS Pro 45 Bench Vice 101.6mm 100mm - Bolts 6.5kg
RS PRO Drill Vice x 32.5mm 150mm x 220mm, 11.7kg RS Pro 40 Drill Vice 150mm 220mm 32.5mm Screw 11.7kg
Record Bench Vice x 75mm 152.39mm x 203mm, 22.3kg
  • RS-tuotekoodi 460-1146
  • Merkki Record
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero T6 TON 6VSB
Record 40 Bench Vice 152.39mm 203mm 75mm Bolts 22.3kg
Stanley Bench Vice x 65mm x 115mm
  • RS-tuotekoodi 512-112
  • Merkki Stanley
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 1-83-065
Stanley 37 Bench Vice - 115mm 65mm Bolts -
RS PRO Drill Press Vice x 32.5mm 80mm x 80mm, 4.5kg RS Pro 36 Drill Press Vice 80mm 80mm 32.5mm Screw 4.5kg
Irwin Bench Vice x 70mm 100mm x 120mm, 15kg
  • RS-tuotekoodi 542-217
  • Merkki Irwin
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero T3B
Irwin 29 Bench Vice 100mm 120mm 70mm Bolts 15kg
Irwin Table Vice x 75mm, 1.9kg
  • RS-tuotekoodi 145-7903
  • Merkki Irwin
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TV75B
Irwin 29 Table Vice - 75mm - Clamp 1.9kg
Irwin Workshop Vice x 50mm 100mm x 80mm, 3.9kg
  • RS-tuotekoodi 879-3047
  • Merkki Irwin
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 10507771
Irwin 28 Workshop Vice 100mm 80mm 50mm Bolts 3.9kg
RS PRO Fine Mechanic Vice x 43mm 75mm x 45mm, 1.8kg RS Pro 26 Fine Mechanic Vice 75mm 45mm 43mm Bolts, Clamp 1.8kg
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