Cordless Trim Saws

Cordless trim saws are powered saws that function, as the name suggests, without cords. They are used for smaller finishing or trimming jobs and can cut through materials like wood, metal and plastic.

The difference between cordless trim saws and cordless circular saws

Cordless trim saws are simply smaller versions of cordless circular saws.

They have smaller, narrower circular blades which make for more accurate and better quality cuts on thin materials. They're commonly used for smaller jobs like trim work (panelling, cabinetry, moulding), or can be used for any cutting job where a full-size circular saw is too large.

How do cordless trim saws work?

Cordless trim saws use a toothed circular blade, typically between 7 and 9 inches in diameter, that rotates and cuts the material. They have a motor that gets the blade up to high speeds and a handle to facilitate accurate cutting.

Look out for designs with a lock off switch to prevent accidental start up and spindle locks so that blunt blades can be easily changed. Note: It's advised to wear safety goggleswhen using your cordless trim saw.

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Osan tiedot Model Number Stock Cutting Depth Speed
Bosch 18V Cordless Trim Saw, 162rpm, Euro Plug
  • RS-tuotekoodi 764-6533
  • Merkki Bosch
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero GCB 18 V-LI
GCB 18 V-LI 0 63.5 mm 162rpm
Cordless Circular Saw GKS 18V Kit
  • RS-tuotekoodi 874-9933
  • Merkki Bosch
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero GKS 18 V-LI
GKS 18 V-LI 0 40 mm@ 45°, 51 mm@ 90° 3900rpm
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