Filter Kits

Filter kits are used to remove unwanted particles from the air, such as dust and pollen. They usually form part of an air conditioning system. Filters are normally made from a fibrous material, which allows air through but catches undesirable particles. These particles will then remain caught in the filter until it is changed.Why are filter kits useful?Filter kits are an essential part of air quality management, because without them problematic substances would be able to circulate freely. However, their function is dependent on regularly changing the filter, otherwise the airflow will be greatly reduced and the efficiency of the air conditioning decreased.Types of filter kitsThe simplest form of filter kit is a plastic or metal guard fitted over the front of a fan. This will simply prevent larger unwanted particles from entering the fan space. More sophisticated filter kits are composed of a guard overlaid by a fibrous material, preventing small and large particles from getting through. Some may also contain an absorbent material such as charcoal, which has the added advantage of eliminating unwanted odours.
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