Worktops provide a solid and stable workspace for wood workers, mechanics, hobbyists, repair workers, packers and many other applications. Worktops are most commonly made from either wood or metal, within these two materials, a range of variations can be found. Within wooden worktops both solid and plywood constructions are available as well as laminated particle board.
When working with liquids, always consider the type of worktop on your workbench. Unlike metal worktops, wooden worktops can be susceptible to liquid damage. When working with liquids and oils, consider a metal worktop that is easy to clean down and that will not face long term degradation due to your natural working conditions.

Worktop materials:
• Hardwood ply
• Laminated particle board
• Steel

Worktops come in a range of sizes to suit either workbench frame kits or as a replacement top for an existing workbench you may already have. Plywood worktops are suitable to be cut down if a fixed size is too big though cut edges should be treated to prevent from any moisture damage over time. Laminated particle board worktops can also be cut though due to their construction it is not advised as the newly cut exposed edge will not have the plastic facing to protect it.
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Osan tiedot Merkki Type Material Maximum Load Length Width Height
Short wooden working plate RS Pro Working Plate Beech Plywood - 1650mm 750mm 40mm
Long wooden working plate RS Pro Working Plate Beech Plywood - 2050mm 750mm 40mm
Cantilever Workbench Worktop
  • RS-tuotekoodi 678-2742
  • Merkki Bott
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 11201312.2
Bott Work Top - - 600mm 1.5m 18mm
Lino worktop 1500x600x30mm
  • RS-tuotekoodi 838-6481
  • Merkki Bott
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 11201113.15
Bott Work Top Lino - 1500mm - 600mm
Medium Duty Workbench Worktop
  • RS-tuotekoodi 688-3606
  • Merkki Bott
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 11201113MPX
Bott Work Top Beech Plywood - 1500mm 600mm 30mm
Work Bench 30mm wood worktop 1200mm
  • RS-tuotekoodi 759-6422
  • Merkki Bott
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 11201277.08
Bott Work Bench - - 1200mm 30mm 600mm
Heavy Duty Workbench Worktop
  • RS-tuotekoodi 678-2789
  • Merkki Bott
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 41201036.15V
Bott Work Top Particle Board - 750mm 2m 40mm
Multiplex top 1500x750x40 Treston Work Top Wood 600kg 1500mm 750mm 40mm
Multiplex top 2000x750x40 Treston Work Top Wood 360kg 2000mm 750mm 40mm
Tabletop 1500x750 ESD
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7361
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT15075-ESD
Treston ESD Bench Top - - 1500mm 750mm 25mm
Tabletop 1806x750 ESD
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7366
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT18075-ESD
Treston ESD Bench Top - - 1806mm 750mm 25mm
Tabletop 1806x900 ESD
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7368
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT18090-ESD
Treston ESD Bench Top - - 1806mm 900mm 25mm
Tabletop 2000x750 ESD
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7370
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT20075-ESD
Treston ESD Bench Top - - 2000mm 750mm 25mm
Tabletop 2000x900 ESD
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7372
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT20090-ESD
Treston ESD Bench Top - - 2000mm 900mm 25mm
Tabletop TL M1500x900 ESD
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7364
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT15090-ESD
Treston ESD Bench Top - - 1500mm 900mm 25mm
WorkBench 30mm Wood worktop 1800mm
  • RS-tuotekoodi 759-6444
  • Merkki Bott
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero 11201278.08
Bott Work Bench - - 1800mm 600mm 30mm
Worktop 750x1200
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7360
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT12075-HPL
Treston Laminate Bench Top Plastic (Edge) - 1200mm 750mm 25mm
Worktop 750x1500
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7362
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT15075-HPL
Treston Laminate Bench Top Plastic (Edge) - 1500mm 750mm 25mm
Worktop 750x1800
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7367
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT18075-HPL
Treston Laminate Bench Top Plastic (Edge) - 1806mm 750mm 25mm
Worktop 750x2000
  • RS-tuotekoodi 135-7371
  • Merkki Treston
  • Valmistajan tuotenumero TT20075-HPL
Treston Laminate Bench Top Plastic (Edge) - 2000mm 750mm 25mm
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