With plastic bearing experience since 1964, cable carrier experience since 1971 and continuous-flex cable since 1989, igus® provides the right solution based on 100,000 products available from stock with between 1,500 and 2,500 new product introductions each year. igus® operates the largest test laboratories and factories in its sector to offer customers quick turnaround times on innovative products and solutions tailored to their needs.

Experts in motion plastics® and low cost automation

With other 50 years knowledge in the field of motion plastics. igusĀ® provide products and systems that, reduce downtime and wear, increasing productivity and machine life. You can do all of this by using igusĀ® engineering parts.

chainflex® Highly Flexible Cables

  • 36 Month Guarantee
  • For Moving Applications
  • Acredited to Industry Standards
  • Largest Range Available Ex Stock NMOQ

iglidur® Plastic Plain Bearings

  • Largest Standard Range
  • No Maintenance or Lubrication Required
  • Long and Predictable Life
  • Operate in any Environment

drylin® Linear and Electric Drives

  • Modular
  • Maintenance and Lubrication Free
  • Operates in any Environment
  • Smooth Running

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How To Prevent Cable Failures In Energy Chains


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