IP67 and IP69K Waterproof Push/Pull Appliance Coupler

Perfect for supplying power to appliances used in harsh environments such as industrial, marine, laboratories or any type of outdoor appliances.

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5707 Series IP65 / 54 power entry module

  • Sealed power entry module
  • Strong in design and safety
  • Includes EMC-shield
  • Ideal for applications in rough environments.

Locking system for IEC appliance power inlets & outlets

  • High level of safety and reliability against unintentional unplugging of power cords
  • Cost-effective plug-retention safeguard
  • No extra assembly required
  • Proves simple, obvious operation.

Components for protection class II applications

  • For totally insulated equipment according to IEC 61140
  • Switch for high inrush current
  • Suitable for medical home care equipment according to IEC 60601-1-11.

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