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Druck UPS III IS, 24mA Loop Calibrator - UKAS Calibration

RS:n tilauskoodi 255-500
Tuotemerkki Druck
Valmistajan osanumero: UPS III IS

8 varastossa

8 varastossa

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Druck UPS III IS, 24mA Loop Calibrator - UKAS Calibration


8 varastossa

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Druck UPS III IS Loop Calibrator

With a smart graphic display and menu-driven interface, the Druck UPS III IS loop calibrator is one of Druck's more advanced, time-saving calibration tools. Producing maximum results with a compact design, the UPS III IS forms part of an essential toolbox that a user may need for calibration and troubleshooting. The calibrator is a necessity for loop testing, instrument maintenance and valve set-up, features an internal loop supply which is available in both measure and source modes - which is essential during a shut-down.

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