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Molex, Male Cat5e, Cat6a RJ45 Connector

RS:n tilauskoodi 134-8794
Tuotemerkki Molex
Valmistajan osanumero: 130047-8008

80 varastossa

80 varastossa

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Molex, Male Cat5e, Cat6a RJ45 Connector

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80 varastossa

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Brad® RJ45 Field Attachable Shielded Plugs

From Molex, a range of Cat6a RJ45 field attachable shielded connectors. These IP20 RJ45 plugs are best suited for harsh environment and high vibration applications. With gold plated brass contacts in a robust diecast zinc housing, these male Cat6a connectors provide an excellent solution to the most demanding systems. The straight and right angled field attachable connectors, terminated by IDC method and feature a push to lock coupling mechanism ensuring a secure mating connection. Delivering speeds of 500 MHz for 10 Gbit Ethernet this range of RJ45 plugs are a must for the latest industry designs. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Molex range

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